Get 6 Month UK Standard Visa for just 120 pounds

Save hundreds of pounds on your UK visa application with us. Why pay hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds on your UK Visa application when you can do your UK 6 month standard visa application for just 120 pounds per person with us, Ahmad Applications.

For just 120 pounds:

1-      We will complete your UK 6 month standard visa application.

2-      We will ensure your application is compatible to UK visa regulations, requirements and other conditions to ensure you will get your visa.

3-      We will find you cheapest travel insurance.

4-      We will find you cheapest travel fare, like air ticket.

5-      We will find you cheapest accommodation.

6-      If someone in UK sponsors your UK visa we will contact your sponsor and complete sponsorship application.

7-      If you are coming for medical reasons we will find you a right hospital or clinic to hospitalise you.

8-      Also if you want to come to study in UK we will find you a school or any other educational institution to accept you.

To start your UK Visa application, send us a picture of first two pages of your passport and some details about yourself and your visit to UK. Please use any one of the following contacts:

Mobile: 077 1212 6265. This number also available on Viber and WhatsUp.

Landline: 020 85524990.


Skype: tomove5


Mail: Ahmad Applications
32 Hollybush Street
London E13 9DZ UK

The quickest way to contact us is through mobile, text, viber, whatsUp, skype and email.

Ahmad Applications, 32 Hollybush Street, London, E13 9DZ. Mob: 077 1212 6265 Landline: 020 8552 4990
Director: Rahman M Ahmad

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